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Skid mounted pumping units

In the sucker rod artificial lifting method a pumping unit is a mechanism which imparts reciprocating motion to a polished rod to which is attached the rod string and the plunger of the bottom hole pump.

The beam type pumping units are limited to a stroke length of ±15 feet (or 4.5 m).

Beginning in the 1970s, the first vertical long stroke pumping unit appeared on the market: It was an electro mechanical unit capable of a stroke length up to 394”.

During the last decade the long stroke technology improved and the new generation is available as surface hydraulic long stroke pumping units capable of stroke length up to 336” (or 8.5 m) and completely assisted by VSD and PLC.

Dajan is in the position to rent/sell the innovative hydraulic surface (skid) mounted artificial lift system for oil and gases that are lighter, lower in cost and more energy efficient with greater lifting capacity compared to conventional lift systems.

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