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Cement bond quality evaluation

The Segmented Cement Bond Tool (SCBT) provides the operator with an accurate and economic means of inspecting the quality of the cement bond to casing and formation.

The SCBT evaluates the cement bond quality and integrity to both pipe and formation by providing the measurements of the cement bond amplitude (CBL) through the near receiver (3-ft crystal), and variable density log (VDL) through the far receiver (5-ft Crystal). The SCBT tool also provide a cement map through eight segmented receivers, each segments covers a 45° section of the pipe.

The same bond measurement is available as an analog tool and a high speed digital tool. In the digital tool all sonic data is captured and stored digitally within 2 ms allowing flexibility of the output telemetry. This tool is easily configured to customers requirements. The separate acquisition and output module allows changes to the output telemetry to be easily accomplished.

The analog tool requires ten cycles in order to transmit all of the data to the surface. This requires slower logging speeds for the same vertical resolution.