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Radial cutting torch

The Radial Cutting Torch is used for cutting Tubing and Casing. They do not contain explosive or dangerous acids but only flammable solids. In this way all the problems inherent in the previous cutting technology can be avoided, such as firing permissions, permission to transport, armed guards, etc.

Also do not need the "radio silence" in fact the Radial Cutting Torch is safe in presence of "RF" (radio frequencies).

The diameter of the Radial Cutting Torch is usually less than the diameter of the jet or equivalent chemical cutter for the same nominal diameter of tubing, thus allowing an easy passage through the completion.

The Radial Cutter Torch can cut stainless steel, Hastaloy, Monel, Inconel, and plastic pipes . The tool makes a clean cut, no flare, and also works in heavy mud.

This tool is normally used with the Wireline but it can also be used with conventional Slickline, using suitable adapter equipment.

Advantages of the radial cutting torch are: