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Gyro suvey

The Rate-Gyro System (RGS) is based on modern aerospace guidance technology and is automatically north referencing.

The tool incorporates gyroscopes and accelerometers to measure azimuth, inclination and tool face. It can be run on memory mode or electric line, which allows readings and data quality to be recorded in real time, with no limitations on recording time (there is no need for a battery pack).

The gyro sensor has a drift of less than one-hundredth of a degree per hour. In the wellbore, this means the system can resolve angular rotation rates to within .001 degrees/hour.

Prior to field operations, the system is fully calibrated on a laboratory test stand to model sensor behavior. A full thermal model is developed at different tool orientations. This calibration is applied in the field to calculate the true orientation of the tool and hence develop a well profile.

During recording in the well, multiple readings from both incodex positions of the gyro and accelerometer are averaged at each station and the final readings are sent up hole, where the software applies the full calibration to calculate the desired parameters compensating for temperature, etc.